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2011年5月7日、Tulip Londonと日本人ママさん達により、イーリングのSt.Barnabas Churchにてチャリティーイベントが催されました。このイベントは昼の部と夜の部に分けられ、昼の部では寿司、焼きそば、たこ焼き、などの日本食販売、巻き寿司実演、­餅つき体験が行なわれました。夜の部では、Appareiによるパフォーマンス、”Astro Boy” (2009)の上映会が行なわれました。
このイベントで、£7500 もの募金が集められ、英国赤十字Japan Tsunami Appealに、被災者の方々の支援、そして被災地復興のために送られました。



Tulip London and Japanese mothers has teamed up to hold a charity event at St.Barnabas Church in Ealing on 7th May 2011. This event was split into daytime event and evening cinema screening. In the daytime event, there were Japanese food sales, sushi and rice cake making workshops. In the evening event, there were gig by Apparei and cinema screening of “Astro Boy” (2008).
This event has raised £7500. All donations have been sent to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

The animation shows some of the attendees as cheerleaders for all those affected.
We hope our smile will reach Japan!

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You can also support our project by donating on Just Giving.
All the donations will go to Save the Children Japan Earchquake and Tsunami Relief.


Pixilate to Heal continues to film ouendan animation sequences at Tulip London Japan Tsunami Appeal, Ealing London on 7th May 2011.

They had great Japanese food sales, bazaar, raffle, yoyo fishing, candy floss and more in the afternoon event. They also had a charity screening of “Astro Boy” and fun fun gig by Mr. Domon and Mr. Saruyama’s enka unit called Appare! Their performance was great and we also stayed and enjoyed watching the film.

ANIMATSUDA again struggled to find the proper spaces for filming as we really would like to have a background where you can see the atmosphere of the charity event, but these spaces are usually very crowded and we would be in a way of everyone. We started filming in the corridor, but moved to the garden in the end. Luckily we found lots of fun fun kids happily participated in our ouendan animation there!

Tulip London Japan Tsunami Appeal has raised more than £5000 and still continues to raise money from more ruffles, cake and Japanese food sales!

Thank you very much all of you for your support and great ouendan performances!

The photos are available to view on Picasa Web Albums “Tulip London Japan Tsunami Appeal 7th May 2011“.