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ANIMATSUDA and Pray4Japan has joined a charity event at Maeda Gakuen on 10th April 2011.  They had sushi, karaage, meatballs, bento boxes, edamame and more tasty Japanese foods!

We had a lovely weather! Lovely blue sky and huge playgrounds as a background! This time we remembered to put the marking on the ground too.
Thank you for friends, families, kids to participate in Pixilate to Heal animation!
We are amazed by your great performances!

The photos are available to view on Picasa Web Albums “Maeda Gakuen 10th April 2011“.

Thank you very much Yuhei Kaneda, Yuki Jenni Fujita and  Ging-san for being great creative companies. Thank you very much for Michael Lomon for helping us animate!


ANIMATSUDA has visited Hampstead Community Centre on 9th April 2011 for charity food sales. They had tasty sushi, Japanese bento boxes, cakes and Calligraphy corner!

This time ANIMATSUDA has filming buddies with us, Pray4Japan. This Pray4Japan Photo Documentary Project 2011 is organised by Berlin based photographer Yuhei Kaneda and Yuki Jenni Fujita. They photograph people in their original Pray4Japan T-shirts and collect massages to Japan from them. The exhibition in Berlin was held on 6th May 2011 to display these portraits and messages to raise money for Japan.
We had a great companies to join this charity event at Hampstead Community Centre.

At the beginning, ANIMATSUDA has struggle to find a space in the market, but found a nice spot in the end! Only regretful thing is to have forgotten the markings on the floor to show participants where to stand. Hmm, that was a silly mistake!

But we had another great filming day! When we left the event at 14:30, they already have raised more than £6000 for charity!
Great support!

Thank you so much for participating in Pixilate to Heal project and thank you so much Pray4Japan for letting me use your fantastic T-shirts!
The photos are available to view on Picasa Web Albums “Hampstead Community Centre 9th April 2011”.