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Sunday 1st March 2015

After the visit to William Blake’s exhibition at Ashmolean Museum, I went to Pitt Rivers Museum.

When you visit there, in the first room, you will meet skeletons of dinosaurs and stuffed animals and birds.

Pitt Rivers Museum 01

Then the next room is this.
Pitt Rivers Museum 02

There are many masks,
Pitt Rivers Museum 03
carved figures
Pitt Rivers Museum 04

and puppets from all over the world.
Pitt Rivers Museum 05

This long armed guy has a likeable face.
Pitt Rivers Museum 06

There are also peculiar shrunken heads and much more to see.

More photos are on here!

Sunday 1st March 2015

I went to see William Blake: Apprentice and Master at Ashmolean Museum.
It was the last day of the show and the tickets were sold out.
William Blake at Ashmolean Museum

The exhibition showed William Blake’s prints and especially focused on his progress and development in print-making techniques.

The contrast of his bold design and composition, and the sensitivity of print-making techniques interests me.
William Blake- Newton