I went to see London International Animation Festival 2014 Andreas Hykade Retrospective + Q&A on Thursday 30th October.

London International Animation Festival

When I booked a ticket, I had a sneak peek of his work.
As soon as I finished watching “Love & Theft”, I thought I would wait until I see other films on a big screen!

Andreas Hykade is a German animation director, who continues to experiment and discover a new style of animation to work on.
He has done many series of commercials, TV project/series, music videos and animated films for adults and children.

The morph he creates with a pencil and paper is remarkable.
Andreas also mentioned that for “Love & Theft” (2010), animation came before the music. It fits so well!
The sound effects are all incredible too. They make the surrealistic characters and actions real.

The list of short animation we watched was…

Ring of Fire (2000)

The Runt (2007)

Nuggets (2014)

Love & Theft (2010)

“Myself” series (2014) and Die Toten Hosen music video called “Walkampf” (2004).