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ANIMATSUDA joined Japan Society’s Akari Lantern Project at Thames Festival on 10th and 11th September 2011. This event took place exactly 6 months after the March earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. We don’t see as much news on the web about the area affected as before, but people still have been putting a lot of effort into the recovery and reconstruction.

The Japan Society has come up with the project to carry hand made lanterns with all the good wishes to Japan at the Thames Festival Night Carnival. The parade was accompanied with Joji Hirota’s taiko drummers and many people joined to walk together in the night of London.

ANIMATSUDA filmed the daytime session with Japan Society where there were origami and calligraphy workshops, badge and lantern making stalls.

Thank you very much for all the people who participated in our ouendan animation! We hope that your smile and heart will reach the people who have been affected by the disaster.

Photos are available to view on Picasa Web Albums.
Akari Lantern Project 10th September 2011
Akari Lantern Project 11th September 2011


ANIMATSUDA will be filming ouendan animation at Thames Festival TOMORROW and SUNDAY!

We will be filming in front of Tate Modern!!


The programme is here!

ANIMATSUDA will be filming Pixilate to Heal ouendan animation at the Thames Festival as a part of Japan Society!!

Represent Japan at the Mayor’s Thames Festival Night Carnival 

Japan Society’s Akari lantern project is on 11th September. This will be the sixth month to the day after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.
ANIMATSUDA will be filming alongside this project outside the Tate Modern!

More information will be announced soon!!!