Wednesday 4th February 2015

I went to see a Japan Foundation touring event: It Only Happens in the Movies?: Short Peace at ICA gallery.
Short Peace 01

“Short Peace” is an anthology of 4 animated short films directed by different directors including renowned cartoonist and animator Katsuhiro Otomo. The theme of all four films is “Japan” and you will see Japan’s iconic landmark of Mt. Fuji in all of them.
Short Peace 02

Possessions (九十九)  Director: Shuhei Morita
A traveller meets the spirits of abundant broken objects used by people.
Short Peace 03

Combustible (火要鎮)  Director: Katsuhiro Otomo
A short love story of a fire fighter and a girl from a wealthy family. You will also see some historical elements of how the fire was put down in the ancient Japan.
Short Peace 04

Gambo  Director: Hiroaki Ando
A giant white bear protects a girl from small village where all other girls are kidnapped by a red devil. Some very violent scenes.
Short Peace 05

A Farewell to Weapons (武器よさらば)  Director: Hajime Katoki
A saga of men battling against almost-indestructible robots in apocalyptic Tokyo. A fast paced action packed film, which holds the tension until the very end.
Short Peace 06

It screening was followed by an interesting facts of Katsuhiro Otomo’s work and views of Japanese animations by Helen McCarthy.