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ANIMATSUDA’s fourth ouendan animation is available to watch on YouTube!!

Hampstead Japanese Mothers held a charity sale in Hampstead Community Centre to raise money on 9th April 2011 for Japan’s recovery from the earthquake and tsunami disaster.
This food fair sold Japanese food including sushi, yakisoba, bento box, and also cakes and muffins. They also had workshops on origami and Japanese calligraphy.
This event raised £3045.72. All donations have been sent to the Japanese Red Cross.

The animation shows some of the attendees as cheerleaders for all those affected.
We hope our smile will reach Japan!

We appreciate the opportunity to have worked with Pray for Japan Photo Documentary Project.

ANIMATSUDA’s blog is available on

You can also support our project by donating on Just Giving.
All the donations will go to Save the Children Japan Earchquake and Tsunami Relief.


Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2012 has put our No.3 Pixilate to Heal ouendan animation on their website!!!!

Hiroshima International Animation Festival

Pixilate to Heal フレーフレーNippon! 第二弾 Japan Promotions @Mitsukoshi London is now on THE REEL website!

Short Film – Pixilate To Heal – Japan Tsunami Appeal

ANIMATSUDA’s third ouendan animation is available to watch on YouTube!!

ANIMATSUDA visited With Children For Children at Unicorn Theatre on 19th June 2011. This event was organised to raise money for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
Their programme included kamishibai, taiko drum, live music and noh performances. The workshops included origami, calligraphy, sushi making, kimono dressing up and samurai martial art.

Thank you very much for the organisers to allow us to join their event in the last minute! Thank you very much for all of you who has participated in our ouendan animation!!

The photographs are available to view on Picasa Web Albums “With Children for Children 19th June 2011“.

ANIMATSUDA is visiting With Children For Children 子供と共に 子供のために charity event at Unicorn Theatre tomorrow!

ANIMATSUDA’s second ouendan animation is available to watch on YouTube!

ANIMATSUDA’s first ouendan animation is finally up on YouTube!!!!!
We hope our ouen will reach Japan!!!

ANIMATSUDA has recorded Joji Hirota‘s taiko drum sounds to go with our Pixilate to Heal animation!
His taiko drum play was amazing! So fast that I can’t see his arms in blur!
He used 4 drums and 2 gongs.

The animation will definitely be done very soon!!!

Thank you very much Joji Hirota for the great taiko perfomance!!!

Apart from Pixilate to Heal animation, ANIMATSUDA is also joining another charity event this June.
That is the SUMO RUN!

I have got a fundraising page and now a piece of animation!
Miho Lomon’s fundraising page is HERE! 
ANIMATSUDA’s SUMO dance animation is here.

More animation is coming soon!

I am happy to raise money for Gemin-i to help educating children about HIV and AIDS awareness in schools across over 100 countries around the globe!

100% of your donations will go to Gemin-i.
I really appreciate your donations for my charity run!

CONNECT: Gemin-i aims to connect 1000 schools in the developing and developed world to discuss the issues associated with HIV and AIDS.

LEARN: At least 60000 children will share ideas online and learn about the tangible ways through which they can combat HIV and AIDS.

CHANGE: Schools will then be provided with tailored resourses and tools to help them to join campaigns, take action and address governments on their commitment to deliver effective strategies to tackle HIV and AIDS.