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2011年5月7日から22日まで、アニメーターPaul Nicholson と Sylvain Marcにより、アニメーション原画の展示会及び、チャリティーオークションが主催されました。Disney, Pixerなどに加え、ロンドンのアニメーター達の原画がCafeandに展示され、オークションに出展されました。

このイベントで、£7673.96 の募金が集められ、Civil Forceに被災者の方々の支援、そして被災地復興のために送られました。

このアニメーションに参加してくれた方々は、展示会のClosing Night Partyに参加してくれた応援団たちです。


Animator Paul Nicholson and Sylvain Marc has organised Animators vs Earthquakes exhibition. The work they collected were original drawings and paintings by Disney, Pixer and London animation productions and independent animators. All the work was auctioned both in the exhibition and on the web.

This event has raised £7673.96. All donations have been sent to Civil Force to support Japan’s recovery from the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

This animation shows some of the attendees at their Closing Night Party as cheerleaders for all those affected.
We hope our smiles will reach Japan!

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You can also support our project by donating on Just Giving.
All the donations will go to Save the Children Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief.

ANIMATSUDA has visited Animator vs Earthquake at Cafeand, Shoreditch, London on 21st May 2011. Animator vs Earthquake had been raising money for Japan by auctioning some of the best animation drawings and illustrations.

Most people who joined Pixilate to Heal animation there were animators! Great to see passionate, enthusiastic and fun animators with a big heart!

They have raised nearly £7000 for Artists Help Japan!

Thank you very much for everyone participated in Pixilate to Heal animation project. Great animation performance!
Thank you very much for Paul NicholsonSylvain MARC and Mayang for organising this exhibition and letting us animate in your closing night party!

The photos are available to view on Picasa Web Albums “Animator vs Earthquake 21st May 2011“.

ANIMATSUDA’s next destination is Animators vs Earthquakes exhibition closing night party on Sat 21st May 7pm-9pm. ( Cafeand, 77 Redchurch St. E2 7DJ)

Paul Nicholson and  have been exhibiting and selling work from some of finest animators and studios, including Disney, Uli Meyer, Simon Tofield, Cartoon Network and more! They have been raising money for Artists Help Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund.

ANIMATSUDA will be there to animate your cheerful support!