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ANIMATSUDA will be recording Joji Hirota’s taiko drum sounds for our 9th and 10th ouendan animation.
With Children For Children event will be our 9th.
Thames Festival Akari Lantern Festival event will be the 10th!

Joji Hirota has the new recording called “Esashioiwake”.
It’s really beautiful so please check it out!

江差追分 Esashioiwake/ Joji Hirota & The London Metropolitan Ensemble

Joji Hirota has recently visited Sendai for Tohoku earthquake charity event.
You can see some parts of the concert here!

虎舞-Toramai- arranged by Hiroyuki Kanezaki

The Prayer/ Joji Hirota with Sendai Philharmonic String Ensemble & Friends

Kokoriko Bushi/ Joji Hirota with Sendai Philharmonic String Ensemble & Friends


ANIMATSUDA has recorded Joji Hirota‘s taiko drum sounds to go with our Pixilate to Heal animation!
His taiko drum play was amazing! So fast that I can’t see his arms in blur!
He used 4 drums and 2 gongs.

The animation will definitely be done very soon!!!

Thank you very much Joji Hirota for the great taiko perfomance!!!

ANIMATSUDA has done the first recording of cheering voice.
Our special voice actor is an energetic 4 years old Japanese boy!
Thank you for your great voice and great energy!

Ganbare Ganbare Nippoooooooooonnn!!!!

ANIMATSUDA recorded the sound of taiko drum to put it together with our Pixilate to Heal ouendan animation on the Royal Wedding Day, 29th April 2011.

Taiko Drummer Takashige Suzuki has performed several great beats and now we will edit those sounds with the ouendan sequence!

Thank you very much Takashige Suzuki, Nami Suzuki and Jake for your great performance and support!