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Sunday 26th October 2014

I went to a taxidermy workshop at Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings.
Taxidermy 01
The rats we used were not killed for the workshops.
They were bred as feeder animals for snakes and lizards
.At this stage he was little frozen.
2014-10-26 13.38.35
From the incision in the stomach, slowly and carefully taking the skin off the body sack.
2014-10-26 15.29.30

After using alcohol to kill all the bacteria, start stuffing the body with wires and cotton wools.

Sew the cut and insert black beads in the eye holes and done!
Taxidermy 04

The most difficult part was the stuffing and shaping them.
The wire seemed quite fiddly to move the arms and legs in the certain position.
Also, the body became quite longer than the original size, I should have made the body wire shorter.

But I enjoyed learning the process of taxidermy.
My fingers smelled for hours later.

Taxidermy 05


I went to the talk and discussion event at The Heart and Lung Repair Shop.

The Heart and Lung Repair Shop
4 scientists explained their researches around heart and lung repair. They were

  • Building your own heart from stem cells
  • Making E-cigarette into a prescribed drug
  • Repairing your organs by taking medicine, which stimulates the stem cells
  • Creating personalised medicines by checking your DNA

All the researches involve some ethical issues, including misuse of the medicines, data protection of your DNA codes and knowing the time you will have a terrible disease in the future.

I am very curious to know what the future medicine is going to be with more development in stem cell research and if we will all become immortal one day.

The Heart and Lung Repair Shop 2