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Quite eventful week on ANIMATSUDA blog!

Loooooong waited music video by ANIMATSUDA and  is out!
Video directed by Miho Lomon, produced by Rumpus Animation.

Count Skylarkin & Harvey K-Tel: Dubplate Iko

Sunday 26th October 2014

I went to a taxidermy workshop at Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings.
Taxidermy 01
The rats we used were not killed for the workshops.
They were bred as feeder animals for snakes and lizards
.At this stage he was little frozen.
2014-10-26 13.38.35
From the incision in the stomach, slowly and carefully taking the skin off the body sack.
2014-10-26 15.29.30

After using alcohol to kill all the bacteria, start stuffing the body with wires and cotton wools.

Sew the cut and insert black beads in the eye holes and done!
Taxidermy 04

The most difficult part was the stuffing and shaping them.
The wire seemed quite fiddly to move the arms and legs in the certain position.
Also, the body became quite longer than the original size, I should have made the body wire shorter.

But I enjoyed learning the process of taxidermy.
My fingers smelled for hours later.

Taxidermy 05

Monday 13th October 2014

I visited Puppetry and Writers Evening at Little Angel Theatre.

Little Angel Theatre 01
The event started with the talk by Toby Olie and Finn Caldwell. They explained their creative process for the show The Elephantom.

Then we had an opportunity to explore different types of puppetry.
Little Angel Theatre 02
Little Angel Theatre 03
Little Angel Theatre
Little Angel Theatre 06
Little Angel Theatre 05