Tuesday 19th August 2014

Visited The Cinema Museum for the guided tour.  http://www.cinemamuseum.org.uk/

The Cinema Museum 01
The tour was guided by the Cinema Museum co-founders Ronald Grant and Martin Humphries. They explained the history of the building when it was a part of Lambeth Workhouse and the times Charlie Chaplin spent sometime as a child.

The museum is filled with collections of film posters, publications, projectors, cinema signs and film reels.

The Cinema Museum 03
The Cinema Museum 04
It was very interesting to hear the cinema used to screen double bill on a loop and you could enter the theatre at any time if there were seats available.

For the short period of time there was a film rating category “H” for horrific films.

The Cinema Museum 02
I also enjoyed nice refreshments and biscuits in the middle of the tour, while sniffing the smell of antiseptic perfume, which used to be sprayed in the theatre in 50’s to cover the smell of cigarette and kills the bacterias of
infectious diseases in the air.
The Cinema Museum 05
At the end of the tour, they showed 5 short films including a short documentary of flood in Paris in 1910, the last days of London trams, experimental drawn-on-the-film animation that tells cheaper postal fees.

The Cinema Museum is a great place to visit, full of histories and stories.

The Cinema Museum 06