Went to listen to Seiichi Hayashi’s talk at Japan Foundation on 1st July 2014.

Seiichi Hayashi
Seiichi Hayashi is an animator + illustrator + comic artist. His most widely known work is the package illustration for Japanese sweet koume chan.

Koume chan
Seiichi answered each question thoroughly, describing how he started working in animation/manga/illustration, the historical background at that time, and how animation moved from cinema to TV.

It was interesting to hear how much animator’s work loads changed. While 1 hour theatrical animation would take 1 year to make, for TV, they had to complete 30 mins episode in 1 month.

Seiichi Hayashi
Seiichi has always been trying out the new style of work and I think he will continue to do so.

Quote from Seiichi’s talk…
“When I’m drawing one panel, I have no idea what will go on the next panel. The next panel is always blank.”