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Saturday 21st June 2014

I went to Festival of Stuff, public open day of the Institute of Making.
There were wooden spoon makingDSC_0254
Rope making,
Lots of modelling,
But what I really really enjoyed was becoming a plastic surgeon!!!DSC_0267

More photos on here!

Throwing lots of old stuff away after moving. Selecting and keeping things I really need. It could be an slightly emotional process.
It’s time to say good bye to the paints I made when I was working towards the entrance exam for Art universities in Japan.

Bye bye more than 100 of my favourite colours.

My favourite colours

I visited The Autism Show at ExCel this weekend.

There were many stalls showing their products help and support children and adult with special needs.
I thought this coloured gel mat was quite interesting.
The Autism Show 2014 01
There were also many talks as well.
Damian Milton, independent autism consultant, talked about the ways and theories of intervention for children with autism. He mentioned that it could become dangerous if the person, who is intervening a child, worships one particular therapy and start blaming on their parents for not making a real progress.

The Autism Show 2014 02
In the end, the most important thing is to know the child and how well you could tailor the intervention to suit their need.

ANIMATSUDA has been working on a music video project with Rumpus Animation for some time.

The music video will be coming soon! 🙂

Check this link below for the work in progress! ↓↓↓