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広島国際アニメーションフェスティバル 頑張れ日本 支援作品

Hiroshima Animation Festival has uploaded ANIMATSUDA’s Pixilate to Heal No.9 and No.10 on their website.
I would like to continue my little support for a long time.

Hiroshima International Animation Festival Cheer Japan Support Artworks

YES!!! Pixilate to Heal No.10 is finally uploaded on YouTube!

Please donate on Save the Children Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief via Just Giving.

2011年9月10日、11日、ロンドンテムズフェスティバルにて、日本大使館による Akari Lantern Project 東日本大震災の被災地復興のためのチャリティーイベントが行なわれました。
折り紙、缶バッジワークショップ、そして夜のパレードに向けて手作りちょうちんなどが作られました。パレードでは、Joji Hirotaによる和太鼓生演奏とともに、たくさんの人がちょうちんを持って歩きました。このイベントで、£2304.53 の寄付義援金が集められました。
このお金はすべて、、日本協会 東日本大震災災害救済基金にに送られました。


The Japan Embassy organised Akari Lantern Project at London Thames Festival 10th and 11th March 2011 to raise money for Japan’s recovery from the earthquake and tsunami disaster.
There were origami, badge and Lantern making workshops. Many people has joined the night parade with their hand made lanterns in their hands and there also Joji Hirota’s live performance of taiko drums. They collected £2304.53 from this event.
All the donations have been sent to the Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund set up by the Japan Society – UK.

This animation shows some of the attendees as cheerleaders for all those affected.
We hope our smiles will reach Japan!

Finally finally I got a confirmation from the Japan Embassy with the total donation figure on the Akari Lantern Festival!!!

I’m going to put that information on the clip and upload it on YouTube very very soon!!!!