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After our Mitsukoshi charity session, ANIMATSUDA have moved to ROXY bar, Borough High Street, London.

Zipangu Fest has joined the Play for Japan movement to help out Japan’s disaster victims. Zipangu has done a special screening of CALF animation programme.
CALF’s amazing animations inspired us greatly!

Zipangu has kindly let us animate their audience and even more kindly the audience spared some time to join our ouendan animation. This is the first group animation shot for Pixilate to Heal project!

Thank you very much for your support!!!
Thank you very much for Fei Phoon for helping us with your great photographic skills!


Our shooting at Mitsukoshi, London on 3rd April 2011, was organised by Japan Promotions.

Sunday afternoon in central London. There were many people in Mitsukoshi store.  We had a few people coming to participate in our ouendan project from web advertisements.

Thank you all our friends to come and join the animation too! It was great to see you and thank you all the participants for your great support and performance!!
We have raised £56.56 for Japanese Red Cross!

The photos are available to view on Picasa Web Album “Mitsukoshi 3rd April 2011”.

Japan Promotions has raised $63.00 (USD), €60.72, ¥3280, and £903.48 in total at Mitsukoshi.

Thank you very much Michael Lomon for helping filming animation!

Our first ouendan animation shooting was at Montpelier Primary School, Ealing London on 24th March 2011.
The charity event they have organised had homemade cakes, sushi, Japanese bento boxes, raffles, origami and taiko workshops!
Although this event lasted only for 1.5 hours after school time, they have raised incredible £5045.33!!!
Great event and great support from local community and school!

Thank you so much for the people who participated to our ouendan animation! 🙂
The photos are available to view on Picasa Web Albums “Montpelier 24th March 2011”.
Thank you very much Fei Phoon for helping filming animation!

Hello World!
ANIMATSUDA presents our new project blog here!

We visit your charity events for Japan and film you as a part of animated ouendan (Japanese cheer leading)!!!

Let us know your charity event (currently) around London and we will animate your support for Japan!

You can also support our project on JustGiving page here!